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Animal Trapping

Professional Animal Trapping Services

Are you feeling threatened by the scratching you hear at night? Do you have raccoons ruining your Rodent Trapping West Palm Beachvegetable garden with their digging? Call Critter Control serving West Palm Beach today. We offer animal trapping services and are experts at removing animals when they’ve become a nuisance.

Trapping is a safe and effective method for controlling animals without having to resort to poison. At Critter Control, we use only the most humane, environmentally friendly, and ecologically safe animal techniques available. Our trapping services are available for both residential and commercial needs.

Expert Animal Trapping

If left unmanaged, wildlife can pose a serious threat to property or livestock. Our team of experts are trained to encounter and remove any wildlife issues, whether it’s a family of opossums that have camped out in your shed or an armadillo digging under your Air Conditioning unit. Our certified animal pest removal officers team up with our wildlife control specialists to get the job done.

Trapping animals takes a lot of patience and skill and is something best left for trained experts. With trapping moles, for instance, it is a time-consuming process that can take days and even weeks! At Critter Control, we’ll stick around until the job is successfully finished.

Other Animal Control Services

We also offer dead animal removal services to rid your home of that stench and other potential problems that are associated with rodent problems.

After trapping and removing the culprit from your property, dead or alive, our team will check for any damage that may have been caused by the animal. We offer services to seal any openings or repair any damages left behind to prevent animals from re-entering your property.

When you have unwanted, troublesome wildlife hanging around your property, don’t wait! Call Critter Control  today!