Arizona Fleas Found to be Carrying the Plague

In at least two counties in Arizona, fleas have been found carrying the plague; the very same disease responsible for the ‘Black Death’ pandemic of the 1300’s in Europe.

Fleas infected with the disease have been found in Coconino County in fleas on local prairie dogs, and most recently in Navajo County. Locals have been warned to take extra precautions when hiking or spending time in areas where fleas or dead animals may be present.

The Navajo County Health Department has issued a statement to those in the area, and anywhere else for that matter, to take precautions against exposing themselves to the plague. In addition to the fleas that carry the disease, it can be transferred to rodents, rabbits, and the predators that feed on those animals. All it takes is the bite of a flea that is attached to an infected animal, or direct contact with the animal itself to contract the disease.

Symptoms of the Plague

The bubonic plague is the most common and most well-known form of the plague and is named after the swollen lymph nodes which typically develop days after being bitten by an infected flea. The swollen lymph nodes, also known as buboes may be:

  • In the groin, armpit, or neck
  • About the size of an average chicken egg
  • Tender and warm to the touch

Other symptoms of the plague include:

  • Quick onset fever and chills
  • Severe headache
  • Fatigue or vomiting
  • Aching muscles

Let Us Help

While the plague is not a widespread pandemic as it was hundreds of years ago, it is still worth taking the appropriate precautions to keep you and your loved ones protected. If you’ve noticed fleas or dead animals on your property, call the professionals here at Critter Control®.