Attic-Invading Critters: Roof Rats

There are many unwanted Florida visitors that can make their way into West Palm Beach Rodentsyour home, but the most common are rats and mice. These rodents breed incredibly fast and will infiltrate your roof, attics, and walls with ease if they’re allowed access. These rodents can squeeze into tight spaces and are more than eager to consume your food and garbage to support their families.

Avoid Damage from Roof Rats

 Many people are afraid of roof rats and other rodents and they’re not without reason. Roof rats pose several health and safety issues whenever they enter your home. Among them are:

  • Rats chew. Almost any material in your home is at risk of being a rat snack. They’ll do structural damage, but more importantly they’ll chew on wires. The exposed metal presents a great fire hazard to your home.
  • Rats are noisy. Squeaking, scratching, and bumping around, rodents can make it hard for you to sleep. The noises and presence of these critters can also stress your pets and cause them to act out in ways uncommon to their behavior.
  • Rats carry diseases. From bites to droppings, it’s never safe to interact with a wild rat. More than 30 diseases can live on their body and all of them put your family at risk.

Call on the Experts for Roof Rat Removal

 Critter Control doesn’t just eliminate the problem. Our trained professionals can remove each intruder and repair the chaos they caused. We can remove feces, repair roof damage, add seals and screens, and even replace insulation, all with a minimum 3-year warranty.

If you need a total solution, contact Critter Control  for more information and to schedule your free estimate.