Bee Removal: Can I Do it Myself?

Unless you’re one of the few who makes beekeeping their profession, having nuisance bees on your property can be a major annoyance. They can be unsightly with the honey and wax stains they leave, and can even be dangerous if their hive is disturbed. While honey bees can be a nuisance, the benefits they offer to flowers and fruit-bearing plants is so great that it is unwise to exterminate a hive.

Here are some reasons why bee removal is not a DIY job:

Bee Allergies

It should be common sense, but if you or a family member has a bee allergy, do not attempt bee removal without professional assistance. While one or two stings is typically okay even for those who are allergic, bees often swarm because of a pheromone in their venom that attracts other bees.


Some bees, like Africanized honey bees, can be aggressive and territorial. Even if you go out of your way to avoid hives, you could accidentally trigger an attack with something as small as the sound of a lawn mower. It is always best to have a professional remove any bee hives on your property, as they can properly identify different types of bees and implement techniques to safely relocate the hive.

Hive Spread

If not handled in a timely manner, a bee colony can split and form new hives. This is also a possibility if you try to remove a hive on your own and don’t get all of it. Not only does this multiply any bee-related dangers, but it can cause the removal process to become much more complex. Always take action right away when you notice a beehive near your home.

Let Us Help

Critter Control®  has a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of bee removal. For four decades, we have been the premier nuisance critter removal service in the area, and we can help you avoid any bee-related complications on your property. Call us today at 561-274-0224 with any questions or to schedule a complimentary consultation.