The Difference Between Bees and Wasps

Black and yellow stinging insects are often lumped together in the same group, but bees and wasps are actually very different. Being able to tell them apart is an important way to determine what course of action to take if you find them on your property.

Bees and Wasps – The Differences

Though similarly colored, the ins… Read more »

Identifying Venomous Snakes on Your Property

North America is home to thousands of snakes that can be found in bushes, under rocks, and virtually anywhere else outdoors. Are you able to discern which snakes are harmless and which are dangerous? There are four snakes in the United States which are dangerously venomous, and it is important to be able to tell the difference.

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What Are Africanized Bees?

The story of the Africanized bee is one that could come from a science fiction movie. Back in the 1950s, a Brazilian scientist named Warwick Kerr brought African honeybees to South America with the idea of breeding a more productive strain. Some escaped and bred with European honeybees, giving rise to a hybrid species – the Africanized honey bee.

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The Value of a Wildlife Inspection

Having a wildlife inspection conducted on your property not only offers the benefit of knowing if your property is wildlife-free, but it allows a qualified expert to carefully inspect important but seldom-accessed areas of your home in the process. Your home is a complex system with many moving parts that are tucked in difficult to reach p… Read more »

Bee Removal: Can I Do it Myself?

Unless you’re one of the few who makes beekeeping their profession, having nuisance bees on your property can be a major annoyance. They can be unsightly with the honey and wax stains they leave, and can even be dangerous if their hive is disturbed. While honey bees can be a nuisance, the benefits they offer to flowers and fruit-bearing plants is so great that it … Read more »

Squirrel Removal? Think of the Babies

At various times throughout the year, residential or commercial squirrel removal needs to take into consideration the possibility that baby squirrels in various stages of development may be present along with the adults.

Gray squirrel babies are likely to be present as they develop slowly and do not leave the nest. They are born hairless and with their eyes… Read more »

Can Rats Chew Through Walls?

Rats are some of the most common rodents you’ll find in your home. With their small size, they can slip through tiny openings you never knew were there. When you only find one or two, you may not think they can cause a lot of damage. However, you’d be surprised to learn just how much rats can do with their little mouths.

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Is It Legal to Kill a Bat?

As a homeowner, you may eventually find yourself as the involuntary host to one or multiple bats in your walls or attic. The first logical question to ask is how do you humanely remove them? Can you simply kill a bat that invades your home?

The answer is no, you cannot kill a bat that has taken up residence in your home. Many bats are endangered species… Read more »

Should I Poison a Raccoon in My House?

The continued expansion of commercial and residential properties in the West Palm Beach area means animals like raccoons are forced to find new habitats as the forests and nature they call home are encroached on. Critters often try to take refuge in the very buildings that replaced their natural habitats, which can cause a variety of proble… Read more »

Why Animal Damage Repair is not a DIY Project

If you’ve been unlucky enough to deal with a nuisance animal problem in Why Animal Damage Repair is not a DIY project the past, you likely understand how extensive it can be, though it may not seem that way on the surface. It doesn’t seem like a raccoon, rodent, or bird could cause significant damage, but hundreds or thousands of… Read more »