Delray Beach Mice Removal

If you see little droppings around your food stores, smell a musty odor or hear rustling and scratching when there should be no noise, it could be mice. These nasty, little rodents are the unwelcome houseguests that won’t go away and keep bringing in more relatives – until you call in a professional.

Mouse Hazards

From the destruction of your wiring and insulation and the waste of your food stuffs to the many potential health hazards and the transmission of disease, a mouse infestation presents many hazards. Mice gnaw on flooring, siding, wood, and insulation, damaging your home and creating safety hazards. They can cause electrical issues, fire hazards and trip and fall dangers. Parasites, viruses, bacteria and a myriad of diseases accompany mice populations, and an infestation exposes you, your family members and your pets to these dangers. At the first sign of a mouse problem, the smart thing to do is call in the experts.

Critter Control Removes Mice from Your Property Effectively

Mice procreate quickly, so time is of the essence. You can set traps and try to rid your home of these rodents on your own, but it’s a difficult task and they can be sneaky, elusive and resilient around traps. Don’t be lured by the perceived ease of using poison either. Dead mice in your walls, under your flooring and throughout your property is nearly as unwelcome as live ones.

Our knowledgeable technicians are trained in the most effective methods of mouse control, removal and prevention. We understand the importance of eliminating the entire mouse population quickly and efficiently. And while it’s especially difficult to mouse proof your home, due to their tiny size, we can help you take steps to minimize the chance of a re-infestation.

Our specialists use cutting edge tools and years of experience in rodent control to eradicate your mouse problem. We can even offer humane methods to ensure your family and your pets aren’t exposed to dangerous or toxic chemicals. For a complimentary consultation to discuss your mouse infestation, call Critter Control® serving West Palm Beach. Our team is eager to help with proven rodent control methods.