Five Ways to Tell if You have Rodents in Your Attic

Having rodents in your attic is never good. Not only are they a health West Palm Beach Rodent Infestationhazard, but they can also damage your home and chew on wires, posing a huge risk for fires. Although prevention is the most effective tool, catching the problem before it becomes an infestation is crucial.

  1. Noise – The easiest way to tell if you have unwanted visitors in your home is to listen for strange noises. Soft squeaking, scratching, and bumping may signify intruders. They can be especially prevalent at night and may keep you from sleeping.
  1. Footprints and Evidence of Chewing – Look for gnaw marks on wood or plastic. Areas around food should be inspected in particular, as well as your attic. If you suspect visitors but can’t find evidence, sprinkle some baby powder in your attic and check in a few days to see if there are any footprints or trails.
  1. Droppings – Droppings are a dead giveaway, but inspect the edges of walls and in areas around food if you are unsure. Inspect garbage can areas as well, since rodents may be foraging for food.
  1. Insulation Disturbance – Rodents will tunnel, burrow, and nest in the fiberglass of your roof. A quick inspection of your insulation can show signs of unwanted occupants.
  1. Holes – Remember, mice and rats need places to enter and exit. Check the perimeter of your home, as well as all visible sections of your roof. If there are holes with shreds of wood or other materials, you may have a problem.

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