How Can I Tell What Animal is in My Attic?

If they can access it, your home can become a safe haven for all kinds of critters. They’ll try and access your home for the food they can smell, but they’ll want to stay for the shelter and warmth that places like your attic can offer them. The first step in trying to remove animals from your attic is being able to identify which ones are in there. Once you can do that, you can then properly assess how to best remove of the infestation.

Stop and Listen

With all the experience we have at CC West Palm, we were able to come up with your go-to guide for animal noises in your attic. Here are some of the most common critters we deal with, and what kinds of noises they’ll make when living in your attic.

  • Birds- There are a lot of things birds like about your home, but the main reason they stall is so they can build their nests in a warm and safe place. However, if they become disoriented and confused, they could venture too far into your home and get stuck in the attic. If this happens, you’ll hear loud chirps and wings flapping, or even scratching and wings beating against the floor and walls or your attic as it tries to find an exit point. Since birds typically eat in the morning, you’ll most likely hear these sounds when you wake up.
  • Raccoons- Since they’re so big, raccoons are some of the loudest critters that will invade your home, so detecting them should be easy. You’ll be able to hear them running around in your attic, playing with each other or rummaging through your stored belongings. They also tend to make lots of noises like whining and purring. They also may attempt to pull the insulation out of your walls.
  • Bats- These critters don’t normally invite themselves to stay in your home, but sometimes if they wander in, they can become trapped and disoriented. Listen for scratching and squeaking noises as they try to escape. You’ll also be able to hear the beating of their wings, especially if they become stressed with trying to escape. Since bats are nocturnal, you’ll hear these noises at night.
  • Rodents- When you can only go off the noises you hear, it can be quite difficult to distinguish between mice, rats, and squirrels in your attic. Rats and mice will both make scratching noises and they wander around and squeaks as they search for food at night. Since rats are bigger than mice, their scratches and squeaks may be a bit louder. Squirrels will also squeak, but it will sound more like ‘chatter’. They’ll also make much louder bumps as the play and search for food.

What We Can Do

It doesn’t matter what kind of critter you have living in your attic, the experts at Critter Control®have the tools and the knowledge to get them out quickly and safely. Your safety is our number one priority, so we’ll always work with you to come up with the best critter removal plan. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, call us today.