How to Keep Roaches From Moving in This Fall

West Palm Beach roachesMost roaches are happy to live and forage outside during the summer heat. Once temperatures start dropping, they look to move inside homes where it’s warm and full of food. Unfortunately, roaches are irritating and disease-bearing pests that no one wants in their homes.

Preventing Roaches

It’s difficult to completely prevent roaches from getting into a home, but homeowners can take steps to make it as challenging as possible for them.

  1. Seal Gaps. The most important step is to seal any gaps leading from outside you home to inside, such as areas around doors and windows, places where utility lines and pipes enter the house, etc.
  2. Clear debris. Try to keep a one-foot-wide area clear around the building at all time because roaches feel safe hiding in clutter, which gives them easy access to the indoors. You can also put down a barrier of insect repellent in this area to help ward off the unwanted visitors.
  3. Regular cleaning. A clean environment wards off roaches and makes the building less habitable. They especially like damp areas, such as below sinks and near showers, so homeowners need to check these places regularly for signs of roaches as well as clutter.
  4. Remove food and water sources. Roaches are capable of living in extreme conditions with limited food, but they are unable to last very long without water. Ensuring you have no leaks and no food or crumbs laying around your house, will help you avoid the presence of roaches.

If you want professional assistance preventing roaches from entering your home or apartment this fall, call 561-274-0224 to speak with the pest control experts at Critter Control® of West Palm Beach. We will help seal your home to prevent entrance from roaches and other critters, as well as spray the interior of your home to eliminate any current pest infestations you may have.