I Have Rats in the Walls, What Now?

If you’ve determined that you have rats in the walls but don’t know what your next step should be, we can help. When using a professional, the first thing they’ll do is conduct an inspection of the home and assess the severity of the infestation. From there, you can create a plan for removal, exclusion, and restoration.

How Are They Getting In?

Once you are sure you have rats, you’ll need to find out how they are getting in. Is it an easily fixed place? Are there multiple entry points? What materials do you need to seal the area? Something as simple as putting a mesh screen over a vent may be a lot easier than trying to fix a crack in the foundation. You may be surprised to find out that rats only need a half-inch opening to get into your home. Be careful not to overlook something because you think it’s too small to be relevant.

Cut Off Their Supply

Once the professional determine how they are getting in your home and seals it, you must draw them out to trap them. Cut off their supply to food and water by making sure to seal your food in thick plastic or glass containers; keeping pet food and water dishes clean and put away when not in use; fixing any plumbing issues or leaky pipes; and using sealable trash cans. Once you’ve done this, the rats will be desperate for nourishment and luring them to a baited trap will be more effective.

Cleaning Up

The clean up after rats have been in your walls can be the most difficult part of the process because of the potential for illness. If any rats have perished while in the walls you’re most likely dealing with a terrible odor and will need to cut into the walls to remove the carcasses. Be sure to wear rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves, disposable coveralls, shoe covers, goggles, and respiratory mask during any and all contact with the pests or contaminated areas. Once the cleanup is done, all these materials need to be decontaminated, double bagged and labeled as infectious before being disposed of in the property site. Because of how intricate the clean up process can be, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Get Professional Help

Knowing you have rodents crawling around your home can be one of the most unsettling feelings. We understand that a prompt, safe, and humane removal is your best option, so we offer to do just that. At Critter Control® , our expert animal removal experts will have your home rodent free, sealed up, cleaned, and back to its pristine condition. Give us a call  today to schedule your free consultation.