Is the Zika Virus Still a Threat in 2017?

As the top health story in 2016, it may seem a little odd that we haven’t zika virus west palm beachheard much about the Zika virus since the World Health Organization has no longer deemed the disease a “public health emergency of international concern.” Although Zika may seem to be dying down in the States, residents of Florida especially should still be wary.

Zika Facts

Since the WHO lifted the state of emergency in November, there have still been over 4,000 new cases reported in the US through January. While Zika cases have been reported in every state so far, the good news is that only Florida and Texas contain local mosquitos carrying the virus, which means the other states only see cases of the diseases in people who have recently traveled. Even still, Florida has now been taken off the active transmission zone list, and most of Texas remains Zika-free. Latin American countries are reporting less transmission now as well, meaning their mosquito-control efforts seem to be working well.

Stay on Watch

Although Zika appears to be dying down, we should not lose vigilance. To prevent the spread of this disease in the West Palm area and other parts of the United States, be sure to avoid traveling to infected areas. If you do plan on traveling, bring lots of mosquito repellent, and avoid hanging out for extended periods of time in areas where mosquitos frequent, like standing water. If you were bitten by a mosquito while vacationing, make sure to wear mosquito repellant when you return home for at least two weeks, as that is how long it will take the virus to circulate through your system. If a mosquito bites you while you are infected, the virus could be picked up by local mosquitos and spread to others in your area.

How We’ll Help

Being a beautiful city by the sea, West Palm sees its fair share of mosquitoes. While mosquito repellents on the market can do a good job of keeping pests away, you can get peace of mind when you hire the mosquito experts at Critter Control®to handle your bug problem. With over thirty years of experience keeping your home and family safe from pests like mosquitos, you can trust we’ll get the job done as quickly and safely as possible. To ensure the safety of your family and loved ones, call us for your free consultation today.