Rodents: A Bigger Problem than You Think

The idea of rodents in your home is never pleasant. Hearing mysterious rat infestation West Palm Beachscratching or squeaking sounds from your ceiling is a telltale sign, but some people hope that the problem will go away on its own. Not only is that false, but leaving rats, mice and other rodents to wreak havoc in your attic and walls can be dangerous and costly.

Know that Roof Rodents Mean Damage

When rodents make their way into your roof or walls, they’re making themselves at home. The bumping and scratching could be anything, from them burrowing into your insulation to clawing through drywall. Each noise should be a concern.

Probably the worst part of having this unwanted company is their habit of chewing. Throughout their lives, rats and mice will gnaw incessantly to shorten their teeth. Everything in your house could be at risk, but a common and very dangerous favorite is wiring. Exposed metal, particularly when it’s surrounded by dry insulation, offers a fire hazard that you don’t want to ignore.

Be Cautious with Pesky and Diseased Rodents

Everyone knows rodent droppings are unclean, but rats and mice can also spread disease through bites and contact with their fur. If you want to keep your family safe, address the issue of roof rodents sooner rather than later.

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