Squirrel Invaders: Examining the problem

A squirrel climbing a tree is cute; a squirrel in your attic is not. As fun as it West Palm Beach squirrel in trapis to see them scampering around your yard, they can cause serious damage in your home and attic.

Remove Squirrel Problems

Squirrels don’t pose the health risks of other rodents, but they can damage your home. Some of the issues with squirrels include:

  • Loud noises. Other rodents, such as rats or mice, squeak and scratch. Squirrels are much more acrobatic, wrestling and jumping back and forth for hours. These furry critters can keep you and the entire family up all night.
  • More holes. Rats tend to enter your home and stay there, but squirrels will treat your attic more like a base. They enter and exit frequently, and often use several different holes throughout your attic. The constant travel can leave your roof exposed and more prone to weather damage, such as rain.
  • Damage from teeth. Squirrels will gnaw on boards, nibble at walls, and rearrange your insulation to make themselves feel at home. Most importantly, squirrels will chew on the wiring that travels throughout your home, causing increased fire risks.

Humane but Effective Removal

Many people worry calling Critter Control or other pest removal companies will end poorly for their visitors, but that’s not true. The specialists at Critter Control will humanely remove and relocate the squirrels to a different area where they can continue to live out the rest of their lives in a tree, rather than your attic. It is really a win for both you and the squirrels.

After we remove the invaders and take them to a more suitable home, we repair the damage and seal any potential entry points to ensure your do not experience another critter invasion. From feces removal to hole repair and insulation replacement, we have the experience and skill to make it seem like the intrusion never happened.

Contact Critter Control for more information on squirrels, and to schedule your free estimate today.