What Is That Smell in My Attic?

Old attics always have funny smells, just like basements. However, really foul smells are not normal, regardless of where you live and what your house is made of. Not even wet or damp attics should smell foul, although they may smell musty like rotting wood. Let’s take a closer look at stinky smells in your attic that should alarm you, what they are, and what to do about it.

The Smell of a Deceased Animal

Death has a very distinct odor. If you smell:

  • Hot, rotting meat
  • sulphur, like rotten eggs, and/or
  • Powerful urine

You probably have a critter that has perished in your attic. Dead animals tend to decompose very quickly and leave a rotten meat smell. When these critters die, they often vacate both their bowels and bladders, which causes the overwhelming stench of waste. Death also attracts a host of flies and other scavenger insects, so watch for these as you enter the attic.

Just the Smell of Waste

If the stink you smell does not contain an overwhelming smell of rotten meat, but the other two smells are present, you have an animal inhabiting in your attic.

Keep in mind that:

  • Virtually all animal urine contains ammonia. It is just a little stronger in some animals than others (e.g., cats have some very powerful ammonia smells in their urine)
  • Animal feces can smell just as bad as human feces, and your attic will stink like an outhouse. This smell tends to spread out and leak through air ducts, vents and even the opening to the attic.

Pest control can usually clean up and capture any live animals that remain. A service such as Critter Control® of Palm Beach is the best solution for wildlife control. For any questions or to schedule a complimentary home consultation, call us today at 561-274-0224.