Will Rats Ruin My Attic Insulation?

Unfortunately, when it comes to rats in the attic, there is usually some extensive cleanup and restoration involved. If you’re lucky, most of the damage will be isolated and require only a partial replacement or repair. However, because of the potential for contamination and how easily it is affected, we always urge our clients to, at the least, replace the insulation.


In addition to their incessant chewing on harder materials like wood and electrical wire, when rats take root in your attic, they begin to reproduce and need to create a nest. Your attic insulation provides them a material plush enough for their babies to be comfortable and safe, and soft enough they can rip it up and reshape it to meet their needs.

Cleaning Up

In addition to creating nests and beds, rats also use the attic space as a toilet. There may be a combination of both feces and urine in the attic depending on how quickly you caught the problem. Due to the potential for contamination, it’s always the best idea to go ahead and replace it than try to salvage potentially risky insulation pieces.

Using a Professional

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