Welcome to Critter Control® serving Palm Beach County

At the first sign of critters in your home or around your property, you’ll want a professional, licensed animal removal company on call. Luckily, we at Critter Control® West Palm can offer you just that. Our family-owned business has been serving the community of Delray Beach and surrounding communities of West Palm for over two decades. Our experience makes us the most knowledgeable and prepared to handle any wildlife issue you may have. You can learn more about the services we offer by calling 561-274-0224.

Whether it’s rodents in your attic, snakes in your pool, armadillos in your garden or raccoons in your trash, we have quick and easy solutions to get them out. Once you contact us, we’ll send out one of our expert and friendly technicians to assess the complexity of the infestation, at no charge. At Critter Control®, we know how important businesses are to their owners, which is why we also offer commercial wildlife removal. Infestations in the workplace are often more costly than in a home, as there is more expensive property at stake. Expensive equipment and the wellbeing of your employees means you should handle any critter problem as soon as possible.

Not only will we remove your home or business of critter threats, but what puts us above the competition is the quality and extent of our services. Once all is said and done, and your home or business is clear of animals, we’ll be sure to stay and thoroughly clean up after them. This includes not only removing their waste but restoring any infrastructural damages or ruined insulation. Paired with our proved exclusion methods, you won’t have to worry about another infestation again.