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Residential Wildlife and Pest Control Services in West Palm Beach, FL

As a homeowner or property manager, you have enough on your plate. So when critters decide to make their homes in your property, trust the expert residential wildlife services offered at Critter Control® serving West Palm Beach.

Any weak spots in your home’s roof or exterior could lead to infestations of rodents, raccoons, opossums, and more. Animals like snakes, armadillos, bats, and birds can also get trapped in your home and become a nuisance. With help from the experts at Critter Control®, we can remove the pests from your home and make sure its residents stay safe. With our three decades of experience serving the communities surrounding West Palm, our trained technicians know the area and its needs and can help make your home safe again in no time.

Not only will we remove the unwanted critters, but we will clean up after them as well. When critters spend an extended period somewhere other than the great outdoors, damages will come regardless of what the critters may have intentionally done. Feces from critters staying in your attic will soak into the insulation, leaving a gruesome smell and ruining your home’s heating and cooling system. Furthermore, many rodents will rip through your walls to use your attic insulation as nesting material.

In addition to cleaning up after the critters, we’ll seal up any entry or exit points they may have made during their visit. With the holes leading directly outside sealed up, your chances of another infestation will drop drastically.

With our state of the art tools and knowledge, you can count on the experts at Critter Control®  to clear and critter-proof your home to keep you and your residents safe. To learn more about all of the residential animal services we can offer you, call us today at 561-274-0224.