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Fox Removal and Control

Have you ever heard the term “sly as a fox?” It is true that foxes can be quick and cunning. In general, they have a tendency to stay away from humans, instead scavenging for their next easy meal. You may not even know they are there until you come across a mess near your garbage or notice signs of digging near your porch. If you do happen to see one, you can be sure it will run away very quickly. While foxes pose almost no threat to humans, you still do not want them taking up residence in your yard or under your porch.

Risk to You and Your Pets

The only risk that foxes pose to humans is the potential for rabies. If you get close enough to be bitten by one, you will want to seek medical help immediately as it may lead to infection. There have been a few reports of small children being attacked by foxes, but it is not very common. In these cases, the fox is probably being territorial or defensive. The best way to ensure safety from attack is to stay away. Do not try to provoke or catch the animal, but instead call us to send one of our technicians to take care of the problem.

However, foxes do pose more of a threat to pets. They are hunters, and tend to prey on small animals, especially chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Because they are nocturnal, you should be most worried about safeguarding your pets during the night time. The good news is, cats and dogs are generally safe from fox attacks because they will defend themselves, scaring the fox away more easily.

The Mess Left Behind

One of the biggest reasons you do not want to allow foxes to stay around is because they have the potential to make big messes. They are not shy about rummaging in the garbage if there is a quick meal waiting inside. Also, they make homes by digging under porches, decks, or sheds. Not only can this ruin your yard, but it may also cause damage to the support beams or foundation if left long term.

Leave It to Us

It is recommended that you never try to catch or trap a fox on your own. It is better to ask a professional for help with fox removal and control. Not only can you risk being attacked, but many tactics you may think of trying, like holding their legs or paws, are considered inhumane. If you need to scare them away, try making loud noises, such as banging pots and pans.

If you have seen wild foxes around the home, contact Critter Control of West Palm Beach immediately. Our technicians have the skill and know-how to handle the situation quickly and carefully.