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Rodent Control & Extermination Services

Are pitter-patters from above disturbing your sleep? Is your home suddenly smelling like a zoo more West Palm Beach Rodentsthan a house?  If so, you may have rodent problems.

A few of the signs of a rodent problem include the following:

  • Rodent droppings in your basement, cabinets, or corners of your kitchen
  • Scratching, gnawing, or clawing sounds
  • Food containers that have been chewed through
  • Visual sighting of a rodent (usually at night, when you flip on a light

One or More

Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you have an actual infestation or if one rodent has just wandered into your kitchen looking for a snack. If you have an infestation you can often hear squeaking or fighting noises emitting from the walls, crawl space, or basement area at night. Even if you only have one or two rodents, they are evidence that you have at least one entry point into your home that needs to be addressed before they bring their whole family over to set up shop.

The Technicians Job

While waiting for a technician to arrive, take care that you do not disturb any areas where you think rodent urine or droppings may be. Rodents carry many parasites and diseases, some of which are transmitted through the air when droppings are disturbed. It is best to leave the control, exclusion, and cleanup to the qualified professionals. Your technician will be able to safely remove all rodents and then clean and sanitize your home, and finally seal up and repair the entry points leading into your home that these nuisance animals were using to prevent a future reoccurrence.