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Snake Removal Services


Many people feel the urge to run as soon as they see a snake slither past them, which is understandable! Fearing snakes is not only very common, it’s a smart, evolutionary instinct. Of all the possible pests you can find lurking around in your house, the last thing you probably want to see is a snake coiled up under your dining room table or slithering across the living room floor. Luckily, Critter Control servingWest Palm Beach is at your service to assist with snake removal.

Poisonous or Not?

It’s important to learn about the different types of venomous snakes so you can quickly identify one if it’s lurking about in your home. The four most common poisonous snakes in the United States are the rattlesnake, copperhead, cottonmouth, and coral snake.

Although the majority of snakes aren’t venomous, there are many snakes that can be a dangerous threat to humans. In fact, even a non-poisonous snake can still attack and bite you, which could result in a risky and painful injury. If you’re bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

What to Do

If you see a snake around the home, remain calm, clear everyone from the area, and give us a call. Because of the potential risk, don’t attempt to remove a snake on your own; snakes will bite if they feel threatened, startled, or provoked. The important thing is getting a good distance away while the experts come and take care of the problem.

Why You?

Unfortunately, if you already have a rodent problem, that can attract snakes. But sometimes, it’s just dumb luck. Snakes are always on the lookout for dark, enclosed spaces where there’s access to food, so a house is an ideal location for them. To get in, they can crawl through a small hole or crack; some snakes can even get in through an opening that’s less than half an inch thick. All potential entry points should be identified and filled—something that a professional can help you with—to prevent a future incident.