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Dead Animal Odor

Dead Animal Odor Removal & Cleanup

Wondering what that awful smell is in your home? Chances are, it’s a dead animal. Critter Control serving West Palm Beach can solve all your pesky critter odor problems.

Small animals often find their way into your attic or crawl space, in the hidden crevices of your garage, or even inside your house walls, where they then die. If not removed, they will rot and decompose and become covered in maggots, leaving your home with an awful stench. Common culprits include squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums.

It can be frustrating not knowing where the smell is coming from. Small animals can be hard to find, and you’ll never rest easy knowing there is something decaying within your home. Thankfully, Critter Control  offers a full range of animal odor removal services.

We’ll Clean Up the Mess

Our team of experts will locate the dead animal, wherever it may be hiding. And after finding and removing the animal, our animal control staff will clean up any mess left behind as well as take care of any damage. We repair any destruction to attic insulation and also seal access holes the animal made to enter your home. No more creatures will find their way back into your house after we take of the problem.

It can be hazardous and messy to remove a dead animal yourself. Chances are, there will be body fluids and maggots to deal with. You won’t have to handle the sticky problems with Critter Control around. Our team of professionals use biohazard suits, dust masks, and headlamps to find, remove, and erase the mess left behind by a dead animal.

We service the entire West Palm Beach area. Call us to schedule your free in-home inspection today, and we’ll rid your home of the dead animal and its accompanying problems.