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Prevention Services

Animal Damage Prevention Services

If you discover critters in your attic or your chimney, you should call Critter Control to get rid of them. But while we’re good at removing critters and their evidence, we also focus on prevention. You can actually make your home critter-proof if you know how.

Wildlife can only make itself at home in your attic if it can find a way into your house. Unfortunately, most houses are built in a way that makes finding entry points easy for critters. However, Critter Control knows where to look after having years of experience in this field.Window-Calk-300x188

We Will Make Your Home Critter-Proof

In order for critters to live in your home, they need access to shelter, food, and water. Therefore, to prevent them from entering, you need to close off the entry points. This may include sealing certain areas, adding screens over your vents, or establishing other barriers to prevent intrusion.

Critter Control knows exactly how these animals get into your crawl space, your attic, your ceilings, and under your home. We won’t rest until we have sealed off your entire home. And once that’s done, you probably won’t need our services again. However, you should know that it’s a good idea to check these entry points later and replace any broken screens or missing barriers over time.

Preventing Wildlife Intrusion Is Cheaper in the Long Run

Even if you haven’t had any wildlife visitors yet, you should think about preventing animal intrusion. It is certainly cheaper to seal the points of entry than to have to remove wildlife, pests, and droppings down the road. Plus, critters often cause extra damage that may require you to make expensive repairs.

While most wildlife animals tend to stay away from humans, you’re also at risk when they’re at home with you. Wild animals can be carriers of diseases and contaminate your food. Fortunately, Critter Control will gladly remove any wildlife you find in your home in West Palm Beach, FL, for you.

Contact the Experts on Critter Prevention Today

Most homes are inadequately protected against wildlife intrusion. If you have a lot of neighbors, it will be pure luck if they go next door instead. Of course, chances are that it’s only a matter of time until they find your home. Don’t let this happen to you! Instead, you should contact our wildlife management experts and animal control officers today to prevent critter problems down the road. Critter Control is ready to assist you.