Identifying Venomous Snakes on Your Property

North America is home to thousands of snakes that can be found in bushes, under rocks, and virtually anywhere else outdoors. Are you able to discern which snakes are harmless and which are dangerous? There are four snakes in the United States which are dangerously venomous, and it is important to be able to tell the difference.

A snake is venomous if:

  • Its eye pupils are elliptical. Venomous snakes have pupils that look like a cat’s eye, whereas non-venomous snakes have round eye pupils.
  • It makes rattling sounds. Any snake with a rattling tail is venomous, and hearing rattling is a defensive mechanism which means you or something is too close for that snake’s comfort.
  • It has a broad, shovel-shaped head. A trademark of a venomous snake is a wide, triangular head. Most snake heads are vaguely wedge-shaped, but a venomous snake has a bulbous head that is very wide near the jaw, with a narrow neck. Harmless snakes have a more gradually sloping jaw because of their lack of venom sacs.

There are other signs that a snake is venomous, but they all have exceptions that can fit the description of certain harmless snake species. If you are unsure, do not get closer to the snake to try and identify it. Instead, call for professional assistance from the experts here at Critter Control®.

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