Squirrel Removal? Think of the Babies

At various times throughout the year, residential or commercial squirrel removal needs to take into consideration the possibility that baby squirrels in various stages of development may be present along with the adults.

Gray squirrel babies are likely to be present as they develop slowly and do not leave the nest. They are born hairless and with their eyes closed, so the majority of homeowners don’t even realize their presence for 6 to 10 weeks.

What does this mean for you? When combating a squirrel infestation, do not dismiss the idea of the presence of babies, as they may not be easily detectable at the moment.

A Squirrel Removal Plan

 A comprehensive plan for removing both adult and baby squirrels includes:

  1. Locating entry and exit points
  2. Removing all squirrels and babies through humane, live trapping methods that allows them to be relocated
  3. Sealing off the entry and exit points to prevent squirrels from returning in the future
  4. Making repairs to restore the home from any damage caused by the squirrel infestation

With the mother and baby squirrels removed, you won’t have to worry about a recurring infestation or the babies maturing and inflicting the same damage that the mom did before she was removed.

Let Us Help

When it comes to squirrel removal, Critter Controlhas established itself as the premier option in the area. Our technicians are well-vetted and highly experienced, and we can have your home looking like nothing ever happened.

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