What Does Raccoon Birthing Season Mean For Me?

Due in part to continued urban development and deforestation, raccoons are being forced into populated areas in search of places to build nests and raise their young. More often than ever, raccoons are building nests in and around residences to conceal them from predators and protect them from the elements.

House attics just so happen to offer the right combination of protection, concealment, and access to food and water that raccoons need to thrive, making them popular targets.

When is Raccoon Birthing Season?

Raccoons begin giving birth to their young during the spring, as prime breeding time runs from January through June or July each year. Female raccoons give birth to a single litter of one to eight babies each breeding season following a short 65-day gestation period. In an effort to protect their babies from harm, the female raccoons will build their nests in well-hidden areas that are up off of the ground. Areas like attics, chimneys, sheds, or even garages are all prime locations.

Up until they’re about 6-weeks old, the babies will roam around the area surrounding the nest but will not wander away from their mother. After reaching 8-weeks old or so, they will begin to explore other areas of your property as they become more independent.

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