How to get rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are often considered rats with wings, and if you are experiencing West Palm Beach pigeonsa pigeon problem, you know why. They steal your food, leave disease-ridden droppings everywhere, and travel in large groups. However, the fact that they are birds and not rodents make them hard to remove and even control. According to the Humane Society, not only is killing them cruel, but it will not solve your bird problem. If you have pesky pigeons, here are a few ways you can control them.

  1. Prevent nesting. Pigeons love to build their nests on flat surfaces, which can be found all over your property. If they have built a nest on your home, it means they feel as though they are safe enough to live there. To keep them from nesting at or around your home or business, use wood or metal sheathing, bird wires, or netting to block those flat spaces.
  2. Cut their food source. If pigeons know they can get food in a certain place, they will continue to come back for more. Whether you are intentionally feeding them or not, their pigeon pack will surely grow when they come back for seconds. If you enjoy feeding birds, try using a bird feeder to control the amount of pigeons that come to feed.
  3. Use birth control. As silly as it sounds, pigeon birth control is a real thing. It’s called OvoControl and it comes in a kibble-like substance that you can scatter for the pigeons to eat. The pigeons who do eat it will lay eggs that will not fully develop, cutting your pigeon populations down by a large margin.

Call the Experts

Sometimes it takes more than just the tips above to get rid of a stubborn pigeon infiltration. If your home or business is ridden with these birds, you can trust the experts at Critter Control to safely and effectively remove these pigeons to a more suitable location. If you have questions about pigeon removal, or would like to schedule a free consultation, call our experts today.