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Rat Exterminator

In Need of a Rat Exterminator?

Frayed wires, strange scratching noises, ripped attic insulation- these are all some of the most common shutterstock_93657040signs of a rat infestation. The key to keeping you and our house safe, is early action. Any delay in contacting an exterminator could result in damage to your household or health problems with your family. Call the experts at Critter Control® West Palm Beach to determine what method of action is right for you.

Why not Relocate?

The size and location of the rat infestation in your home will determine what method we will use to remove them. Because rats breed so quickly, sometimes extermination is the best process to rid your home of rats. If you already have a major infestation, capturing and releasing the rats may not be a reasonable option. However, you can ask about out Eco-Wise pest management option, to keep your house free of rodents and be environmentally friendly!

Call the Experts

Don’t wait another day to call our expert exterminators. At Critter Control® West Palm Beach, we believe efficiency and safety are the most important factors when it comes to rodent extermination. The longer you wait to remove your unwanted guests, the more at risk you and your family are for contracting one of the many diseases rats carry. Take the next step towards ridding your home of those pesky rodents once and for all. Call us today at 561-274-0224 for a free consultation.